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Misguided Fans

Lack of rugrats - a crying shame

Declining birth rate is a concern or is that a myth itself?

There appears to be a consensus in Singapore that a persistently low birth rate is nothing short of calamitous, because in years to come there won’t be enough working people to support the elderly. Society and the economy will suffer as the support system crumbles. But is the scenario really as bad as it sounds? Will Singapore really “fold up” if the birth rate continues to stay low without a massive infusion of immigrants? I draw your attention to the paper Ageing populations and hidden unemployment [published 2003, updated 2010] by the UK charity and think tank Population Matters that seeks to…

Tolerance for errant road users

Errant Drivers – It wasn’t me!

Politicians and social media don’t normally mix well together. Online vilification befalls the intrepid politician who dares make critical observations of undesirable social behaviour. You can expect members of the public to hurl a fair share of blame or sarcasm the other way. Thus, when Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam recounted on Facebook some unpleasant road encounters he had recently, he must not have expected such an overwhelming level of accord with Singaporeans. Over 300 comments were posted, largely in commiseration and many bringing along their own stories from the road. It was like a coming together of…