Entitlement mentality

Entitlement mentality

From Channel NewsAsia: “The government will always do its part to help the less fortunate especially through education, through housing, through financial assistance schemes but also through upholding meritocracy and keeping paths up open,” said [Prime Minister] Lee. […] But Mr Lee stressed that the government is not able to do everything for the less fortunate. He said: “The government cannot, and should not do, try to do everything. It is too impersonal. It can be bureaucratic and help then becomes a matter of social administration, not of care and compassion. And eventually, this fosters an entitlement mentality, instead of…

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A foreign intrusion

From Channel NewsAsia: Chong Pang residents can own one cat per flat Good news for feline lovers in Chong Pang. From today, residents in the area’s 123 blocks are allowed to own one cat per flat under the “Love Cats” programme. See also previous post: Chong Pang cat programme? You’re having us!

The joke's on us

Chong Pang cat programme? You’re having us!

Our local papers may be controlled by the government, as we saw in an earlier post on the release of the tell-all book by former ST Editor Cheong Yip Seng, but that hasn’t stopped our fine journalists from exercising creativity in manoeuvring around the OB markers and even expressing their great sense of humour. Imagine my delight at spotting this wonderful piece of satire on TODAYonline about the introduction of a pilot cat programme in Chong Pang. Hilarious stuff — and it’s not even April Fools! Mr Cheong must be proud. Chong Pang residents can own one cat per flat Good news for feline…

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A Singaporean society anchored by values

From Channel NewsAsia: (Mr Lawrence Wong) also noted that many Singaporeans are talking about the kind of values they would like to have for the future. “In all the conversations I’ve attended, the issue of values comes out quite a lot,” said Mr Wong. “Many Singaporeans do talk about them, desiring to have a society that’s anchored by values… people (want) a kinder (and) a more gracious society.”

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Sex.Violence.FamilyValues – To ban or not to ban

Ah Beng

Singapore’s subcultural identity crisis

By Lorong Cat It is no longer Singaporeans’ pet topic to talk about Ah Bengs and Ah Lians these days. That’s because we have found a different common enemy and, boy, are they bigger fish to fry! By the same token, it is causing a mini wave of nationalistic sentiment, hence we are letting up on the Bengs and Lians pretty much like how the Taiwanese have embraced their 台客 (Taike). So I was caught by surprise when the term Ah Beng was revived to my sore ears lately, here in London. Wow, for a tiny country like us, we are…

Speakers Corner at Hyde Park

Whither free speech?

Guest post by Lorong Cat with Void Decker Back in September, a Californian man pulled together an anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” and posted it on YouTube. It contained blasphemous scenes making fun of the Prophet Muhammad. This video sparked anti-American riots across the middle east and culminated in the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya in a mob attack on the US consulate in Benghazi. The filmmaker was subsequently arrested but for minor offences not directly related to the video. U.S. President Obama was quick to release a statement condemning the video as crude and inappropropriate but went…

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Singapore work-from-home initiative

Channel NewsAsia: Singapore has one of the highest percentages of employees working from home, with companies embracing work-life harmony as a way to improve productivity and employee retention. According to a survey by a Singapore specialist recruitment firm, Robert Half, 87 per cent of Singapore employers allow their staff to work from home, compared to the global average of 79 per cent. Only Hong Kong (94 per cent) and Switzerland (94 per cent) have a higher percentage of employees allowed to work from home, while Italy (45 per cent) and Chile (38 per cent) have the lowest percentage of employees…

Void Deck Weddings

An official word on void deck weddings

Official Statement As Singapore’s goodwill ambassador-at-large for void decks, the Void Decker feels compelled to issue this statement in light of the recent curious incident of a silly girl in the night-time posting on Facebook about void deck weddings. The Void Decker is first and foremost disappointed with the attitude expressed toward his beloved void decks. He would like to state categorically that Malays, and persons of any other race or religious creed for the matter, are more than welcome to hold weddings in void decks across Singapore. In addition, he would like to point out that void deck weddings are…

The abominable face of our future population (click to see full size)

Beware the ageing population false dilemma

I have briefly touched on this topic in a previous post, but there is a need to dwell further because it’s worrying how this discussion is shaping toward the direction the government wants it. We know the problem: birth rates are low and our population is ageing. As baby boomers move into retirement, our elderly support ratio (number of residents aged 20-64 years per elderly resident) will fall, putting a heavy strain on the social support network as the tax base decreases. The answer, however, is not a straight choice between increasing birth rates and importing foreign workers to make…

Singapore Scorecard

Singapore Scorecard

Guest post by Lorong Cat Is Singapore better off than she was four years ago? Mitt Romney, U.S. Republican presidential hopeful, triggered a wave of self inquisition amongst Americans earlier this month when he asked the same question of America.  After the initial fumbling over an immediate response, the Democrats came out to answer in the affirmative, pointing out the positives put in place by the Obama administration in his first term. Likewise, newspapers and bloggers with political leanings to both and neither of the parties fell over themselves to answer Mr Romney arriving at varying conclusions. The Economist produced…

No chequered flag for now

Singapore F1: The race goes on

It should be welcome news that F1 is here to stay in Singapore until 2017 at least after negotiations with the racing body were finally wrapped up. Our authorities seemed to have left it really late, perhaps as a bargaining play, because it is important for Singapore not to be held to ransom and pay over the odds to host the event. As many will agree, right now F1 needs the country more than the other way round with global audience shrinking over the last few years. While the agreed hosting fees were not revealed (“A gentleman should never speak…