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Sex.Violence.FamilyValues – To ban or not to ban

Found in our government cabinet

Dialogue or broken record session?

To all of you who worry about overpopulation and diminishing quality of life as a result of it, rest assured that your concern is very much well founded and the problem is only going to get worse. To know why, look no further that who is in charge of population policies in our government: DPM Teo Chee ‘What do you think?’ Hean, Minister of Thought Process Delegation. In a town hall session on population challenges held last week, DPM Teo enlightened us with an opening speech that was revealing in its own way, for it confirmed our doubt that he…

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When Harry Met Sally

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It’s not just babies we have to produce more of

This is a follow up post to Beware the ageing population false dilemma. Here I elaborate on the two main areas the government should focus on to counter low birth rates and an ageing population. Raising productivity Sometimes, it seems like productivity is the ugly step-sister in the family of economic figures that our government is keen to keep locked up in the spare bedroom. At other times, it is an afterthought, or a nice to have. While we boast of years of strong GDP growth, it is important to remind ourselves once again what went into such stellar performance….

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Beware the ageing population false dilemma

I have briefly touched on this topic in a previous post, but there is a need to dwell further because it’s worrying how this discussion is shaping toward the direction the government wants it. We know the problem: birth rates are low and our population is ageing. As baby boomers move into retirement, our elderly support ratio (number of residents aged 20-64 years per elderly resident) will fall, putting a heavy strain on the social support network as the tax base decreases. The answer, however, is not a straight choice between increasing birth rates and importing foreign workers to make…

Void Decker (bottom left) with friends staying over

Shoebox Living – Are you a size 7?

Here in central London, particularly within zones 1 to 3 on the tube map, flats are either too small or too expensive, or, in most cases, both. Just like in Tokyo, Hong Kong and many other high density cities. The wife and I have been living in an approximately 45sqm flat for the past year or so. Before that, we stayed over two years in a 35sqm flat. It was primarily the failing condition of the previous flat that prompted us to move, rather than the lack of space. Thus, I read with bemusement the mini-debate in the local media…