Tweaking our Primary School System

Tweaking our Primary School System

The Ministry of Education has announced that it is scrapping the banding of secondary schools. It sounds like a positive move and I’m sure we will hear more from parents and educators on what they think. So now, what about our primary school system? In line with our national conversation, I’ve decided to write on a number of topics relevant to our country. In some of these topics, I may be nothing but a keyboard warrior with no personal experience or insider knowledge. My views could be mistaken or downright wrong. Regardless, I figure it’s better to suggest than to…

Tolerance for errant road users

Errant Drivers – It wasn’t me!

Politicians and social media don’t normally mix well together. Online vilification befalls the intrepid politician who dares make critical observations of undesirable social behaviour. You can expect members of the public to hurl a fair share of blame or sarcasm the other way. Thus, when Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam recounted on Facebook some unpleasant road encounters he had recently, he must not have expected such an overwhelming level of accord with Singaporeans. Over 300 comments were posted, largely in commiseration and many bringing along their own stories from the road. It was like a coming together of…

Void Decker (bottom left) with friends staying over

Shoebox Living – Are you a size 7?

Here in central London, particularly within zones 1 to 3 on the tube map, flats are either too small or too expensive, or, in most cases, both. Just like in Tokyo, Hong Kong and many other high density cities. The wife and I have been living in an approximately 45sqm flat for the past year or so. Before that, we stayed over two years in a 35sqm flat. It was primarily the failing condition of the previous flat that prompted us to move, rather than the lack of space. Thus, I read with bemusement the mini-debate in the local media…

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