We all go back to where we belong

homing-pigeonsIn case anyone’s wondering, this blog hasn’t been hacked by the Messiah, nor was it “under maintenance”, even if it shares similar characteristics of low readership and poor security with the hacked Straits Times blog and obscure government web pages that might attract a hacktivist or two. If anything, there’s just a bit of neglect going on as I am currently in transition and too busy to write.

When R.E.M. retired in 2011 after a 30-year career, they released their last single “We All Go Back To Where We Belong”. You can check out one of the two videos for the song here. I was lucky to have caught my favourite band in concert in the first month I arrived in London.

Or if you prefer to a more local context, check out this wonderful but forgotten song 笨鸟的表白 by local talent 黄宏墨 (Wong Hong Mok), who had a few very popular hits such as 野人的梦 back in the 90s.

Why am I saying all these? Because like R.E.M., I am going back to where I belong. I will be leaving London and moving back to Singapore. Like a 倦鸟归返 as 黄宏墨 sang.

I expect to be busy over the next few weeks as well, and will write less. In fact, I’m not even sure if I could write as regularly as I did in the past year when I’m settled back home, but let’s see.

See you in Singapore!