“Wife of a preacher man” tops dream career poll

Job perks include blind support and adulation

Job perks include blind faith and adulation

SINGAPORE — “Wife of a preacher man” has emerged top in a poll on dream career choices among teenagers and other impressionable young adults.

This came after revelations in court of $500,000 paid in bonuses and advances to a pastor’s singer wife from the church building fund.

The singer, popularly known as Ho Ho Ho (All The Way To The Bank), and husband Kong Hee Huat Chye, founder of DupliCity Harvest Church (DCHC), are currently on trial for misuse of church funds.

Youngsters polled were lured by the promise of huge monetary returns and island resort homes on minimal talent and looks.

“Ho is a sun-shining example. When her album sales tanked, the church gave her a $80,000 non-performance bonus to make her feel better,” said one student.

“This is the kind of compassionate meritocracy we want as a society.”

Others were impressed by a buddy-buddy work environment where financial transactions are based on trust and corporate governance regarded as biblical myth.

“Oversight and accountability are not necessary because God is our witness,” revealed a DCHC insider, who declined to be named.

Coming in second place in the poll is “divorce-a-rich-husband socialite”, a career choice that leapt in popularity after a recent promotional piece on Sunday Life paid for by a desperate attention-seeker.

Those surveyed are attracted by a rewarding job with challenges like daily designer wardrobe coordination, how to spend $450,000 every month on frivolous items, and general upper crass woes.

The airhead vainpot career does, however, attract considerable scorn from the general public — a key reason it lost out on first place to “wife of a preacher man” where blind adulation is another guaranteed perk.

“To err by cheating is human, but to have those you cheated forgive and even donate toward your legal fees is beyond divine,” said a former DCHC member who left to set up his own church with his wife.

When interviewed, Kong said: “We are proud of the survey results that vindicate our dual mission of providing spiritual support to the gullible while harvesting their hard-earned monies.”

Rounding up the top five in the career poll are “billionaire foreign talent”, “politician retiring as cushy chairman” and “blogger who writes nonsense”.