Productivity Fail!

Is it really a mystery why productivity levels in Singapore remain abysmal despite government efforts to restructure? Here is a light-hearted series of real photos culled from our local media that shows how we are better at brute force economic grinding than working smart.

Changi Bird Distress

Changi Airport employs a real-life scarecrow. Benefits include big yellow car. Apparently the airport has never heard of automation.

NEA Dengue

Two NEA officers checking a “massive” hole for mosquito breeding. At this rate, is it any wonder they need to hire another 300 such officers in the next two months, for a total of 1,150?

SAF Asean Exercise

Four guys (presumably) carrying a man on a stretcher, while one stood by chitchatting and 3 others (including the one who took this photo) busy snapping pictures in this military — or some say wayang — exercise.

MRT Worksite

More eye power, this time at a MRT construction site.

Riot Police

The riot police eager for action — against a housewife and three tantrum-throwing kids for refusing to vacate a house. Seriously?

Jem Opening

JEM staff standing by to turn customers away after their delayed opening. But where were the customers?

Tony Tan Bryani

Heeding calls for active ageing and more to join in the hawker trade, the President and the Minister proving that they can indeed be useful members of society, despite what some think. No point if you need so many hands to cook a pot of bryani though.

Hello Kitty Queue

And of course, our favourite past-time — queueing for a Japanese feline.