PM Lee congratulates Obama on re-election win

PM Lee congratulates Obama on re-election win

Guy Fawkes

HDB, the ball is in your court

Talk about staying competitive. If this were a competitive market, the HDB would have been trounced and rendered obsolete faster than you can say obigood. I’m referring, of course, to the housing policy paper launched by the Singapore Democratic Party that proposes major reforms in the public housing market. Meanwhile, in other news, the HDB is still battling internal demons and dragging its feet over whether to allow singles to buy flats direct… The proposal will be welcome by Singaporeans who despair of the relentless rise in property prices and difficulty in acquiring a simple roof over the head. Like…

Quest for responsible journalism

Maria Almenoar and the $7,000 hole she dug

I thought this $7,000 cabby episode was overblown but short-lived. Now it looks like things have taken a new twist and the ‘journalist’ who wrote the first report has dug herself a deeper hole. To begin with, we must be more discerning and never take such news reports too seriously. A big dose of salt at hand, if you will, when reading about how much money some people boast of making. For as long as I remember, The Sunday Times has this series on the money management habits of some random, apparently successful people they interviewed. Investing and money making…

"Can you hold this for me?"

We didn’t choose the ISA, Minister Shanmugam

Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam’s willingness to engage with social media is refreshing in an often insipid local political arena. By providing his honest thoughts on a variety of social issues beyond his mandate, he sets a good example on how to connect with ordinary Singaporeans when many of his fellow politicians’ idea of interaction in social media is still limited to the posting of strictly-for-fans-only photos of mundane community events. With this latest interview with Yahoo! Singapore, the minister shows us he is not afraid to talk openly on sensitive topics — with the alternative media no…