Void Decker on Twitter

Void Decker on Twitter @voiddeckerDear friends (is anybody out there?), the Void Decker is now on Twitter: @voiddecker.

The purpose is not to tell people what I had for lunch or to subtly show off something cool I did – or maybe I would but I will try to limit that – but primarily to recommend articles that I find interesting. I will also tweet any new posts on this site of course.

I was searching for a WordPress widget that allow me to post links to news articles or blog posts, not unlike a blogroll, but it looks like I can pretty much do the same by tweeting. It’s supposed to be the cool thing to do anyway (that’s so 5 years ago, I hear you say).

You can see my tweets on the right-hand sidebar. Please follow so I won’t feel like I’m talking to myself! Cheers.