An official word on void deck weddings

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Official Statement

As Singapore’s goodwill ambassador-at-large for void decks, the Void Decker feels compelled to issue this statement in light of the recent curious incident of a silly girl in the night-time posting on Facebook about void deck weddings.

The Void Decker is first and foremost disappointed with the attitude expressed toward his beloved void decks. He would like to state categorically that Malays, and persons of any other race or religious creed for the matter, are more than welcome to hold weddings in void decks across Singapore. In addition, he would like to point out that void deck weddings are more ‘real’ than those held in 5-star hotels because after splurging your life savings and maybe your parents’ as well on extravagant wedding banquets, the reality is your wedding anniversaries for the next 20 years will be spent at the neighbourhood kopitiam across the void deck. And that is if your wife hasn’t divorced you after the first anniversary nonevent. As such, contrary to silly girl’s observation, void deck weddings actually help to lower divorce rates by managing the spouse’s expectation from the outset. Now, if only they really cost just 50 bucks.

For the record, the Void Decker encourages all activities held at void decks such as weddings, table-tennis games (please do not stain the walls or you WILL be fined), chess (strictly for seniors only), motorbike maintenance followed by peer-to-peer appreciation, funeral wakes, etc, so long as they are not banned and consideration for residents are shown. On the last stated activity, please do not misconstrue that the Void Decker wishes the demise of any persons and start a witch-hunt to have him removed from his self-appointed role as goodwill ambassador-at-large. Activities in common areas such as void decks promote communal harmony, especially when tested to the extreme by loud off-key karaoke singers. 患难见真情 (great adversity brings true neighbourly love), as they say.

To conclude, the Void Decker urges restraint in making potentially seditious remarks on social media but acknowledges that there are limits to such a cautionary note because, well, stupid is as stupid does. Therefore, while not condoning such deplorable acts, please let the matter rest as silly girl has already apologised and even lost her job in this moment of madness.

Void Decker