Of course it was never about politics!

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Oh, for the exuberance of youth!

After the last General Election, first term politician and current Senior Minister of State Lawrence Wong was fast tracked to ministerial office and is now firmly a member of the new guard of PAP leaders entrusted to engage Singaporeans in the national conversation. Touted as one of the “fabulous five” slated for higher office, he must have received some personal coaching from our veteran ministers on the harsh realities of political life. Perhaps in one of these intimate one-to-one sessions with a senior member of the party – it could have been the Prime Minister himself for all we know – young Lawry was told, half in jest of course, that to be old and wise, one must first be young and stupid. Perhaps then, young Lawry, ever full of earnest zest and idealism, took the advice a little too seriously.

So when young Lawry was hurting from having learned, while watching recent events unfold over the Internet, of all the nasty little things his great party was accused of by all you netizens, he burped out in a long post:

Politics is important. But surely we do not want to end up in a situation where every activity or conversation in this country becomes politicised, where our people are polarized by political beliefs, where Singaporeans are set against Singaporeans based on creed or political affiliation.

What were we thinking all along? Of course it was never about politics! It was not about politics when the opposition was not invited to join in the national conversation. It has never been about politics when opposition wards were skipped over for HDB upgarding. And needless to say there’s absolutely nothing political when the apolitical People’s Association appoints unelected PAP members as grassroots advisors instead of the incumbent opposition MP. It was all for the betterment of our great nation. Why do we always have to think of everything as being politicised?

Young Lawry goes on to remind us:

Politics can drive a wedge between us and divide our society. Or it can be a force for good, to bring our people together, and to build a stronger and better Singapore.

Look at what we have achieved together over the years. Our public housing, our schools and institutions of higher learning, our parks and museums, our container port and airport, and even the Pledge – these are national institutions that the PAP government has worked hard to put in place, with the support and contributions of all Singaporeans.

So come on all you netizens, stop the naive bickering and senseless drivel. Let’s not distract young Lawry from achieving his true calling and support this great party that is the PAP.